Manley M. Collins, Candidate for Mayor of Washington, DC 2018

Steady and Growing DC

Our Story

We've loved every minute of our journey


Born 1976 (during the Bicentennial Celebration of the country’s independence) in the neighborhood of Washington Highlands in the poverty stricken SouthEast (SE) quadrant of the District of Columbia, Mr. Manley M. Collins overcame most of his challenges of being transported back and forth from DC to another state, and family feuds over him as a child.  After leaving SouthEast (SE) for a period of time, he returned to DC’s NorthWest (NW) quadrant and partially grew up in the Petworth neighborhood.  His education was provided by another state so he did not attend any of DC public, private, or charter schools other than a possible daycare.  Through his young adult years, he went through every WMATA/metro stop and most metrobuses’ routes in DC to see all the neighborhoods.  He believed in spending money within the community and supporting all businesses within the District.  He did become aware of city council members, other elected positions, and other mayors through the DC public access channels or voting.  As he went through life experiencing some medical issues, foreclosures, and other relatable DC issues, he lived a couple times in the NorthEast (NE) quadrant, mainly Fort Lincoln neighborhood before there were new houses or condos or CostCo plaza.  The conversations with the common folk of DC; people referenced the mayor they like and other issues plaguing DC.  He saw the growth and changes in every neighborhood.  He watched all the listings to see where my city ranked in social life, affordable living, education, crime, and other platforms.  He was very proud DC was no longer the #1 murder capital in the US.  He was and is very proud DC started revitalizing every neighborhood hit by dilapidation or riots from the civil rights era.  He researched the position mayor and city council position because he felt it was his calling to starting leading the people and manage the city.  As a six digit salaried project manager/leader and business professional, salary was not motivator because he already was close earning the same salary as mayor.  He comes with nine (9) to ten (10) years of government experience and presently active with all levels of government.  Overarching his government experience, he also brings eighteen (18) years of Corporate America experience.  Before 2016, no one saw him or knew of him.  After 2016, he made sure all the related families, organizations, churches, corporations, universities, and government entities see who he is and see him pursuing a political career through all available information systems.  Currently, he serves as an AmeriCorps service member teaching computer literacy to Washington, DC residents; member of the District of Columbia Military Reserve Corps; provide food delivery to Washington, DC residents; and is a volunteer to Bread for the City, Central Union Mission, Martha's Table, Capital Area Food Bank, and So Others Might Eat (S.O.M.E.).

Steady and Growing DC

“Steady and Growing DC” is him aim to continue all the revitalization and diversity DC undergoing.  A specific goal is to hopefully get the DC’s growth to 750,000 residents over a four (4) year period.  He believes DC needs more funding the change and update its entire infrastructure.  He believes that leaders need to go back in the community to the voters and mingle with them.  He understands DC wants statehood or voting representation in Congress.  DC must be ready to divide the quadrants into counties or each ward as a county.  He is willing to work with city council and the ANCs to achieve specific goals and initiatives beneficial to the city.  He will oversee above average appointees to certain appointments.  He will make it a mission to visit every department, office or agency created to support Washington, DC’s infrastructure and community.  He lays expectations that the community will speak up and speak out about concerns not only at time when a major crisis is happening.  He is not totally new to the election process because he tested the process through high school class office positions and college office positions up to Student Government Association President.  Educationally, he did research that most candidates already had a doctoral degree and it is not a requirement for mayor.  He is currently All But Dissertation (ABD) in his Organizational Leadership doctoral program with graduation happening before or during office.  He is preparing to sit for his LSAT for the next possible couple of degrees; in which, law school will be postponed until the end of the Mayor term.  Win or lose, his campaign team and he will enjoy the benefits of the new political experience.

Social Circle Support

My family support spans across the Northeast region, Mid-Atlantic, and Southeast region of the United States.  Friends, peers and colleagues span the globe.  He believe in charitable giving and giving back, so I have participated with and gave to March of Dimes, Breast/Prostate/Blood Cancer groups, St. Jude Medical Center, Big Brother Big Sister, grocers participating in school charitable programs, Doctors Without Borders, American Lung Association, Easter Seals, Goodwill, Salvation Army, Feeding America, American Heart Association, StreetWise, Voter Registration Drives, World Wildlife Foundation, Smithsonian Institution, ran for National MS Society and American Cancer Society, participated with Habitat for Humanity Cars for Homes, and attend or give to a local church.  He enjoy running, attend new social group meeting pertaining to his interests, traveling the globe, and always forever a Redskins, Mystics, Capitals, Nationals, United, and Wizards/Bullets fan.  During NCAA March Madness Championships, cheer on Georgetown University.  Even though he is not military, his PT is through a gym or track and field.

We are everything! We are Washington DC! Vote Manley M. Collins as your next mayor.  One of your powers as a United States citizen is the power/right to vote.  Please use it.