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Journal Entry #61

Words, Just Words Experience of 2022:

Words, just words…I am facing the fears of my psychological foundations while standing still, moving nowhere, little materialism, zero purpose accounts closing, old school and new school social networks running, and stopped doing distractions that has no purpose or result.  Down to the final three (3) states of my routine travel schedule, Massachusetts, Georgia, South Carolina, plus United States of America Track and Field (USATF) Association track meets to cities and states I never been to or have little record of me.   Eliminated or downsized and letting go – New York (Over Words, not mad or angry, but solidified my travel schedule, supports my 2030 decision, and making sure my United States passport comes out pristine) and Illinois (Over Storage Drives). Words, just words.  Year eight (8) count down from ten (10).  "Yep, they did Marvell ya'll."

Family, Friends, Acquaintances, Co-Workers, Associates, Fraternity Brothers, Classmates, and Teammates:

The Federal Government and State Government are still using me as a communication tool to reach folks not paying attention to regular media and apply updated laws.  Laws were updated for the use of technology and words in the English language in the United States of America.  One line of statement out of frustration directed at a large banking company for something the large banking company caused/did got me in trouble for trying to do different.

This type of pattern in my life of people or organizations doing something to get an out-of-character response has been happening since I was born.  I was telling the folks or organizations that suppose to help fix the problem, but no one listened except for this one frustrating statement to make me fear for my life and scared me a lot.  For all those like me that grew up with various forms of technology and different television shows, federal and state laws are updated/updating to include email, social media, texting, online or 800 number customer service, not to say things that make another person uncomfortable even if they are the cause of the problem, issue, and/or frustration.  All this because I did not know.

All folks out there using and learning the English language make sure to use the delete, undo, disappearing, etc., features, or mix the language with other languages.  Get creative, and I will continue telling, showing, doing, and sharing in English while in the United States of America.  USA dislikes me pulling out of everything that I discovered I will never be and USA never confirmed anything told or shared involving USA processes.  My question, "Why am I still being done?" , "Why am I being kept in USA after I physically could not keep my materialistic stuff, the surmounting barriers placed to do different, and nothing I cannot change as one (1) counted person out of 332, 811,821 counted Americans?"  Again, "Why am I still being done?"

Specifics For Further Elaboration - Words, Just Words Experience 2022:

No other major banks or regional banks performed the following via account services or fraud.

Prior to June 7, 2018, but in the 2000s.

Opened a Citibank account, but closed it shortly thereafter because I did not know the bank’s purpose in my life.

June 7, 2018

Opened Citibank accounts Checking and Savings, click here for the document proof.

Deposited Smoothie King direct deposit into the accounts.

Deposited the refund checks from Attorney Thomas Nelson (white male from Charleston, SC) - Futeral Law for never clearing the South Carolina land title services.

October 2019

Changed the accounts address from Washington, DC to Pineville, South Carolina.

Opened Citibank Secured Credit Card, click here for the document proof.

I did travel to South Carolina to setup mailbox and check the heir’s property.

January 2020

Physically moved from Washington, DC to Pineville, South Carolina.

Citibank has NO branches in South Carolina. I am fully aware on how to bank via postal mail, bank via company’s website, and bank via smartphone app.

Citibank Secured Credit Card and Citibank Debit Card was used to fund the move using a Penske truck and purchase a used Honda Metropolitan Scooter (a lemon) featured in all social media photos.

May 2020

Honda Metropolitan Scooter from Velocity Powersports went out of service, engine gone, back tire and rim gone, and no longer working or retrievable. It was my primary mode transportation before the Tri-County bus passes.

June 2020

I reported to federal government agencies, state government agencies, and Citibank regarding trying to get my funds back because of fraud, click here for document proof.

July 2020

Made a decision to move to Boston, Massachusetts.

August 2020

Physically moved from Pineville, South Carolina to Boston, Massachusetts

Changed Citibank account information from South Carolina to Boston, Massachusetts

Citibank has NO branches in Massachusetts. I am fully aware on how to bank via postal mail, bank via company’s website, bank via smartphone app, and nearest convenient financial centers were in New York.

Tried to use Citibank ATM Debit Card to access funds, card was rejected using another bank’s ATM.

With the Citibank App, I still could lock and unlock Debit Card and Credit Card.

I did call to inquire what is going on with cards.

No activity from August 2020 to March 2021

March 2021

Traveled to New York City to start regular life activities there, which includes physically visiting the banks I have accounts placed.

From March 2021 to November 2021

Called Citibank 800 number while physically visiting the Citibank financial center. I provided my Massachusetts paper ID unsigned and the South Carolina physical ID. Two calls to the 800 number and two banking representatives in the same branch while they went in the back to do something. Same situation happened at another NYC branch.

The frustration was no one in the Citibank financial center or over the 800 number was telling me what was on happening on my account.

November 2021

I received this inactive document notice – click here for proof.

I responded and sent back the notarized information with the same Massachusetts paper permit ID unsigned and stating I am the owner of the accounts. I also advised Citibank deposits were coming.

No activity from December 2021 to May 2022

May 2022

Called Citibank 800 number again and the representative stated to go to the branch to resolve the issue. My deposits as stated before was were being made.

I tried to use Bill Pay, it was rejected.

I tried to use ATM Card, it was rejected.

I tried to do IntraTransfer Citibank account to Citibank account, it was rejected.

I tried to do Inter Transfer Citibank account to Capital One, it was rejected. Click here

for proof document.

To not repeat 2021 activities again and no access to my funds, I sent a frustrating statement throwing all my information including this website along with notarized identification to prove I am the owner of the account, but at the same time I called the 800 number and online chat with customer service capturing all of it.

Check what online customer services – click here for proof of what they said – first time finding out it was Post No Debit placed by a branch on both accounts.

June 2022

The frustration statement got the attention of law enforcement and other agencies as mentioned above.

No other major bank or regional bank does this type of activity.

Statement from Citi Executive Response Unit – click here for proof document sent and received before takedown.

Statement from Citibank Credit Card Customer Service Unit – click here for proof document sent and received before takedown.

Closing Check from Checking – click here for proof document sent and received before takedown. (Deposit Cleared)

Closing Check from Savings – click here for proof document sent and received before takedown. (Deposit Cleared)

Post No Debit (or PND) is nowhere located in the Citibank Client Manual – Consumer Accounts PDF document, dated effective November 18, 2021, emailed from the Citibank Executive Response Unit.

Now for all the frustration and I still went to NYC to celebrate birthday, I got ten (10) to eleven (11) plain clothes, Caucasian, officers trying to take me down after eating at Dave and Busters Times Square; a simple/trusted phone call lead to a scary activity; a holding cell to ensure nothing happened for remainder of birthday week (thus no activity on BodySpace, Nike+ Running, MyFitnessPal, Crunch Fitness, Planet Fitness, Life Fitness, no post to social media, and Strava for days missed); the officers took my USB thumb drive and SD card containing the documents above (no search warrant, but I do not care) – no social media posts – no cloud or email information - which has no physical or circumstantial evidence to support any of the charges placed or the frustration statement; and follow up NYC/NYS court dates for unknown decision for Words, Just Words.

This is Citibank.  Good luck customers.

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