Manley M. Collins, Candidate for Governor of the State of South Carolina

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NEWS FLASH:  Marvell is coming!  

NEWS FLASH:  Citizens to Elect Collins for Governor has been formed to support all political activities and this website.

THE POSITION OR GOAL:  Become South Carolina's first African American Governor

INFORMAL TASK:  South Carolinians (preferably voters), please take this survey

For hardcopies to print for your South Carolina communities, please click here and print, and mail-in.

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This is Manley M. Collins campaign website for his second political position as Governor.  This website is to help you understand who he is, where he is from, his experience, his past, his present, and his possible future  in relation to South Carolina.  You can go to donate to help and support his campaign.  You can see what he possibly wants to do with your neighborhood, counties, and cities.  You can even recommend or even voice a concern about South Carolina.

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