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Thanks and I am grateful for the American Telephone and Telegraph Company for an impeccable relationship since 1999.  We number Ones need to stick together.

Transformation Requires those Hard Decisions

This site has changed for the following reason:

Friday, September 17, 2020 at 2030 hours, I was traveling from gym to home.  I was driving on Ranger Dr on a brand new/used moped/motorcycle.  I pulled up to the stop sign at Highway 45 and Ranger Dr....I slowed and rolled through the stop sign at 2-4 mph and turned right to go over the Diverison Bridge.  I kept traveling and the moped/motorcycle can not go no faster than 38 mph.  I got pulled over at State of South Carolina Berkeley County Sheriff police right after crossing the bridge.  The first thing the officer PFC R. Foro Badge No. 5989, young white male football size, thought I was going to argue over stopping at the stop sign; in which, there is zero (0) traffic.   Guess he started saying to make sure I was not drunk and ask for bill of sale based on the brand new temp tags.  He also asked for my driver's license or beginner's permit.  I gave him my driver's license and the registration non-issue.  He came back and issued Public Contact / Warning #215021-BB.  He started conversation with me telling crazy about South Carolina laws regarding mopeds/motorcycle permits times and my type of vehicle should not be on the road after 6 PM.  I told him I can show him my out-of-state license with full privileges.  So tell me, I just moved to South Carolina, December 31, 2019, and I started moving through the South Carolina resident systems January 2, 2020 and it is January 17, 2020, please tell me how fast I am suppose to get everything to transition.  I just saw when the motorcycle classes are scheduled.  I guess South Carolina does not realize I came back with five driver's licenses and two endorsed with motorcycles privileges.  So since you have upset Marvell and corrected him over something petty, this is a public post sent back to show what is about to happen.  Yes, I fully take the ownership of breaking the law for rolling through stop sign at 2-4 mph and not making a 100% full stop.

Message to Biological Family

- Cannot do someone you cannot see

- Cannot do someone you cannot talk to

- Cannot do someone whose medical reports have consistent low numbers.

- Cannot do someone who showing how he is doing everything with ease.  Seeing the hardcore evidence is a hard pill to swallow.

- Cannot do a plant-based, vegetarian, pescatarian, zero sugar, zero salt, SlimFast diet.

- Thirty plus years of athleticism.

- Cannot do someone where you do not know where the help is coming from.

- Stop sending him the same situations he already came from.... I see it, I analyze it,  I hear it, and I look it and say.....hmmmmm.  I think France everytime.

- I will revisit the family situation on or after April 3, 2056.

Message to Everyone

- Zero Stress

- Zero Church (thanks to the churches for sending sermons by email)

- Still number #23 in running through all the information systems. 

- Always Number One in doing everything white collar based.

- Growing Up is One H*ll of a process.

Since I got corrected over petty, here goes

Permanent Petty Phase One:  Release the Dream of ever running for Governor; Release Biological Family; Release Medical Unproven/No Witnesses/Non-Legal Berkeley County Neighborhoods Family;  Release T-Mobile Two Year Contract Agreement on the 843 number, Release Gold's Gym Membership.

Permanent Petty Phase Two:  Release Property (the 40-Year Umbilical Cord and 25-Year Taxpayer Burden), and Release the University; O2 Fitness contract already ends in one year.

Thanks to State of New York, New England, DeVry/Keller, Phoenix, and Harvard on how education can be erased, creation of choices, and redone.  At least, South Carolina see Massachusetts coming and starting out with my five friends or acquaintances.   I hope like Queen Elsa - I do not freeze to death.....I have to find my Queen Anna.  Or like John from Massachusetts from WHC Outpatient Therapy telling to have that one friend to stick with you through thick and thin.

South Carolina, it seems you brought a problem I never had since 2003 is no sleep at night, but sleep in day.  Yes, you and family did my mother and doped her up, and stressed her out in not being able to do anything until the acute heart attack came and the new neighbors decide not introduce themselves to check on her, but 20 years later introduce themselves to the son over barking dogs.  I will find the root of the no sleep issue and correct it with other doctors plus research and no medication.  I came with eight (8) big banks and you only got two (2) banks during the transition.....I got my escape/move money.  Let's see where I fall in the employment field since coming back as an adult with his new daylight only restriction.

My legs crossed, laid back, and chillin.

For my journal entries from birth to present, please read my Real-Time Autobiography - Click Here.