Manley M. Collins, Candidate for Governor of the State of South Carolina

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NEWS FLASH:  Marvell is coming!

THE POSITION OR GOAL:  Become South Carolina's first African American Governor


Nomination by Party
Nomination by Petition (10,000 signatures) (120 days before July 15th of gubernatoral primary election)
$4875 filing fee
46 counties
5.2 million residents

DURING TWO TO FIVE YEAR WAITING PERIOD: South Carolina residents are welcome to present opportunities, such as county representative, county executive, state representative, state senate, or any smaller positions before the gubernatorial race. I need to become involved in bills and issues around the State.

South Carolina, I have a formal request from any resident to remind me 120 days before July 15th gubernatorial primary so I can obtain the 10,000 signatures to do nominating by petition.  I am highly dependent on Berkeley County, Charleston County, Orangeburg County, and Dorchester County to meet my 10,000 signature requirement.  I am talking to the Republican and the Democratic parties for the nomination by party for the best strategy to win.  As of 2018, I already have the $4875 filing fee.

Corporate America, I have a formal request for the South Carolina gubernatorial race. All brands I have been loyal to since 1994, 1999, and 2000, I need all the corporate rules to play out regarding political candidates for me to understand what you can and cannot do, and also I need all available properties to host fundraisers and other community events through the entire state and preferably each county.

South Carolina Department of Transportation
South Carolina Ethics and Commission Board
South Carolina State Election Commission
South Carolina Department of Tax and Revenue
South Carolina Department of Social Services
Berkeley County Public Library

CURRENT TASK: In talks with the Republican and Democratic parties for best strategy to win.

CURRENT POSITION:  Reset and Ready!

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