Manley M. Collins, Candidate for Governor of the State of South Carolina

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Born 1976 (during the Bicentennial Celebration of the country’s independence) in the neighborhood of Washington Highlands in the poverty stricken SouthEast (SE) quadrant of the Washington, District of Columbia, Mr. Manley M. Collins is competing from his community and family origination point, the Eadytown Section of Pineville, Berkeley County, South Carolina USA.

People First

South Carolina is a beautiful place to live, work, do business, and play.

South Carolina needs to revamp educational standards and the entire educational system to move up in the domestic and international rankings. This means learning some subjects earlier. I have a good example of some college high schools’ curriculum on what we could be teaching our children with the help of parents. This can apply to private, public, and charter school systems. For community colleges, four year universities, graduate colleges and post-graduate universities to build a system of one, I think South Carolinians can go to any school across the state with the same resources. More public funding should be available to enhance the collegiate experience from on-campus to online studies. More options should be available to students, faculty, staff, and administration to create better and seamless career paths to remain in the state. I am advocate for people retention to keep the talented for ourselves.  As the education costs rise, I would hold South Carolina colleges, universities, and other educational operators more accountable for the first employer position immediately after graduation.

South Carolina need to continue upholding our housing and construction standards to build stronger homes to withstand the stronger storms.  Mixed community development is a popular trend in providing a better value to the cost of convenience.   In the center and outskirts of mixed communities, we could provide more agricultural farming, community gardening, and updated community and recreation centers.  More and upgrading RV and campground sites should be available across the state. I would move forward with tiny home communities.  Downsize traditional housing practices because the younger generations are facing a new educational wall and credit wall of student debt.  Salaries are still flat. The mobile home community should be given incentives to turn the mobile home into a single family home or greater connection to foundation support to survive strong storms.   Tax credits should be extended to homes, businesses, and vehicles powered by alternative sources of power, such as solar, wind, water, and hydrogen.

South Carolina voters need to understand that cohesive needs, issues, or concerns must be addressed. Individuals with their own agendas for individual praise should not be tolerated.  People must operate in teams and face-to-face social networks before technology siloed us into smartphones, computers, interactive voice response systems, and websites. My vision is keeping people first along with the use of modernization techniques.

Social Circle Support

My family support spans across the Northeast region, Mid-Atlantic, and Southeast region of the United States.  Friends, peers and colleagues span the globe.  He believe in charitable giving and giving back, so I have participated with and gave to March of Dimes, Breast/Prostate/Blood Cancer groups, St. Jude Medical Center, Big Brother Big Sister, grocers participating in school charitable programs, Doctors Without Borders, American Lung Association, Easter Seals, Goodwill, Salvation Army, Feeding America, American Heart Association, StreetWise, Voter Registration Drives, World Wildlife Foundation, Smithsonian Institution, ran for National MS Society and American Cancer Society, participated with Habitat for Humanity Cars for Homes, and attend or give to a local church.  He enjoy running, attend new social group meeting pertaining to his interests, and traveling the globe.   He is an advocate for health and fitness, he enjoys going to the gym, recreation center, track and field, or participating in various sports, mental wellness, and physical activity.

We are everything! We are South Carolina! Vote Manley M. Collins as your next governor.  One of your powers as a United States citizen is the power/right to vote.  Please use it.