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Vision: I vow to keep South Carolina as one of the top twenty most educated and highly intelligent states in the United States.


I support all in-school and after school programs. I vow to keep arts , increase music and entertainment curriculums, and maintain physical education among core curriculum options.


I vow to loosen some standards of teaching and replace with student and peer based evaluations. If a student states he or she is learning from a certain teacher, then that teacher should be kept.

College Affordability

I am against out-of-line college tuition without performance based departments to provide the student with the best value and options at time of graduation. I support free to low priced community college to South Carolina residents only.


I am against teachers or instructors purchasing supplies for their own classes. I support appropriate funding to support higher performing schools. Lower performing institutions will be evaluated to be turned into high performing.

Common Core

I will need to research this topic or listen more from the educators regarding the Common Core.

School Choice

Within the State of South Carolina, I support the freedom of school choice, but limited to jurisdiction. Example: Aiken County residents free to go any school in Aiken County.

Higher Education

I support any South Carolina resident to go after higher education. I will evaluate comprehensive plans to keep graduating high school students to attend local colleges and universities.

Charter Schools

I will need to research this topic or listen more from the educators and/or students to see if charter schools are working for the state.

Standardized Testing

I support standardized testing on the Common Core groups at every grade level. I think waiting until high school to do standardized testing can be too late.

School Safety

I support the current school safety levels with security wands, body scanners, cellphone or any mobile device free zones, weapon-free zone, emergency management plans, a closely managed conceal and carry plan, etc.

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Vision: I envision State of South Carolina to become the first state with two major city public transportation systems.  I envision South Carolina highway, rail and air system to remain intact promoting safety for pedestrians, drivers and passengers of vehicles, two-wheel vehicles, rail vehicles, air vehicles, box trucks, and semi trucks.


I support the expansion of safe bicyclist trails throughout the entire state.  I support the economy sharing and regulated transportation providers.  I support more mopeds/motorcyclist/scooters lanes throughout the entire state.  If we are supporting international standards, then we must become an international USA state.


I support continued repairs on roads.  As South Carolina grows, road expansions are needs.  Former dirt roads will continue to become paved roads.  Safety studies will begin on high crash areas.

Public Transportation

I understand we are a Southern community or state, but to compete for jobs and create better retention of professionals.  I suggest upgrading the bus systems, and begin mass transit subway for Columbia and Charleston, and light rail system in Greenville.  Begin the project of regional rail system throughout the state.


I support continued traffic studies in all communities.  With population and organizational growth, traffic will increase.

Job Creation

I will advocate for more non-profits, all types of small businesses, and lure one or two major corporation’s headquarters.


Vision: South Carolina will continue to embrace its history as well as incorporate the new architectural designs for residences, retail and organizations.


I am against total or any type of gentrification regarding replacing African-Americans and minorities with Caucasians or majority ethnic group through non-rent controlled properties.

Low Income Housing

I am against super low income housing.  My recommendation for $35,000 or less is go for shared housing or roommate situation.

Public Housing

I am against public housing.  There should be no such opportunity in housing.

Affordable Housing

I support affordable housing for incomes from $35,000 to $75,000.  Fifteen percent to 25% lower than market rate rent style would be acceptable.

Mixed Structure Communities

I against total outlandish properties.  I support painted bricks and contemporary/modern architectural designs for variety of retail, residences, and offices.  

Generations of South Carolina Families

I will have a listening ear to the new generation of SC families to keep their residence here in South Carolina for several years or permanent residence.


Vision:  I will serve South Carolina with continued dignity, respect, integrity, service, confidence, and big brother eyes on and off the city grid.

Personal Values

My personal values are loyalty, duty, respect, selfless service, honor, integrity, and personal courage.


Community was involved in my upbringing whether it was for wisdom, support through petitions, and/or fundraising. I was raised by a village. I support the community as much as they support me. I believe in continuing to give back through community service, materialistic and monetary donations.


I support all forms of traditional family or modern family styles. However, my values fall in line with traditional family values with moderation. I am single bachelor.


Everything told over social media or any forms of communication, I ensure that either I am working on the plans or have the evidence to prove what I said or did. I support integrity in all forms.


I have faith over leaps and bounds because I value the universal being called God, and the guided word of the King James Version of the Bible.


I believe holding each and every person accountable through the entire South Carolina government from the governor down the data entry clerk at South Carolina Public Schools.


I believe on equality for all persons, but you have to prove and work for it. For example, if you want to be chief of staff and have only a high school diploma or GED, you must have incredible talent to fill the position.


I support all forms of public and private communication. I value information overload for me to decipher and disseminate.

Family Values

In the support of family values, each person has their rightful place, which means I support generational hierarchy. Children, teens, and young adults under age of 21 should always respect their parents, legal guardians, up to great grandparents.


I have been a public person since graduating from high school. This is not the first time I have put it all out there. US Department of Defense created the internet and I took it as a tool for an electronic autobiography.


I believe in a higher being called God.


I am from the Protestant side of Christianity and my religion is called Baptist. I support the entire city and United States for giving the freedom to practice any religion Americans wish.

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